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We are a full service shop for all your Jewelry soldering needs.  Our many years of experience can help you with your most difficult soldering jobs in a cost effective manner.  We are very experienced working with gold and silver parts.

Key Benefits

bullet To be able to know the actual bottom line cost of soldering your product.
bullet Having people with 30 years of experience choose the correct solders for your particular application
bullet We provide excellent customer service and we will quickly resolve any issues that may arise.
bullet Have your parts done right the first time


Furnace Soldering
Our furnace solder/brazing area has two atmospheric furnaces capable of large volume jobs with our without carbon boards or smaller jobs that require temporary fixtures.  See Furnace soldering
Hand Torch Soldering
Our highly skilled hand solderers have the ability to put together even the most difficult soldering jobs.  We will develop fixturing if needed for your job.
Secondary Operations
Other operations offered are gluing, drilling, foot press assembly.  These secondary operations can expedite your product to the finishing process.


  Our Mission

Fisk Industries, Inc., has for 30 years, made it our goal to deliver to our customers the best possible soldered or brazed products, within a time frame and cost acceptable to everyone.