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The Process

Brazing is the process of joining metallic materials using a molten filler metal, drawn into the joint by capillary action.  The filler metal is usually a solder paste and it is placed on the parts prior to heating.  Usually, filler metal becomes molten well below the melting point of the materials being joined.

Furnace brazing

The popularity of furnace brazing stems from the clean atmosphere used, which mostly eliminates use of fluxes and also eliminates post-braze cleaning. Various types of furnace are used for brazing, mostly employing a gaseous atmosphere. The overall furnace construction is based on either batch type or continuous operation.

furnace brazingCarbon Boards

The parts to be brazed are usually placed in machined carbon boards as shown above.  Carbon boards are manufactured carbon plate, which are machined with the contour of the piece to be brazed.  The allow consistency in the brazing process.  Carbon will not breakdown in the heating and cooling process


Most materials can be furnace brazed. All materials need to be cleaned prior to insertion in the furnace to remove surface scale, grease and other contaminants (high quality in, high quality out). The most widely used fillers for furnace brazing are based on silver, copper, nickel and gold, the latter two being most applicable to stainless steels, and heat and corrosion resistant alloys.

 Key Benefits

bullet Low rejection rates
bullet Consistent quality
bullet Cleaner brazed parts 
bullet Controlled heating cycles
  furnace brazing
  Our Mission

Fisk Industries, Inc., has for 30 years, made it our goal to deliver to our customers the best possible soldered or brazed products, within a time frame and cost acceptable to everyone.